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Kylie Quot Island Does Not Attract Buyers

The asking price for an island owned by Kylie Minogue Aussie pop princess and her family was reduced after the first price does not attract buyers. L island, Beauciel on Victoria French Island, was put up or sale since February, and that it had received several offers, but not what Minogue and her family, who are co-owners, wanted ..
17.12.08 15:54

Dr Dre Raps On Leaked Remix Of Kardinal Offishall Quot Quot Set It Off Quot

The Doc bar were Sparse, checking on Timbaland to bounce for 2007 Shock Value and Snoop Imagine for the Blue Carpet Treatment in 2006.. For someone who has teased a new album for more than seven years, Dr Dre sure hasn t released many of his supporters tide over.
17.12.08 15:55

Jade Goody I Look Like Henry The Hedgehog Says Jade Goody

I look and I feel sad. However, the former Big Brother star has voted not to let the disease destroy his. C is a cancer cell and I Theres. I will not let cancer be better than me. Not nice, News of the World quoted her as saying. Cancer has affected Jade Goody revealed his misery to look like a hedgehog after obtaining a short hair cut for every day of radiotherapy and chemotherapy weekly. I look like a nut case. So dont look good, I expect Henry the Hedgehog. Why do I need to live, said. I would be stronger than cell tumor.
17.12.08 15:55

Vp Lauds Obama Quot Choice Of National Security Team

I Must Say I Think Its A Pretty Good Team, said Cheney of Obama choices of national security, in a segment of the interview broadcast Tuesday on Good Morning America. Vice President Calls Dick Cheney President-elect Barack Obama lineup of national security a good team. In a broad interview with ABC News with 35 days left of the Bush administration, even Cheney again vehemently defended going to war in Iraq, said the waterboarding of suspects in the war on terror was justified in some cases opposed, and the closure of military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
17.12.08 15:55

Madonna Settles Divorce With Guy Ritchie For At Least 76 Million Dollars

Madonna representative, Liz Rosenberg, told the Associated Press on Monday, December 15, which Madonna agreed to give her ex-husband Guy Ritchie million between $ 76 and $ 92 million, part of their divorce. Rosenberg has also said that the amount of money will include the couple country home, Ashcombe House in western England, and their pub-west of London, that the name Punchbowl..
17.12.08 15:55


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